Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 Month Old

My darling baby boy, everyone told me that time was going to fly by and my goodness they were right.
Since you've been home we've certainly had our ups and downs but when I look back on the past month I only feel happiness.
Pure happiness!

Fav moments (so far!):
our first bath together

watching you shower w/daddy, you had a look of pure contentment on your face

our first family stroll around the neighborhood *thank you winter time for this spring like weather!

when you peed all over yourself...onesie, face & hair! You were so confused and although it broke my heart it was the cutest moment

the third Sunday of your life we stayed in bed all day watching tv and just hanging out as a family

our first real outing with your Auntie Carlz...we had lunch and went grocery shopping at Fresh Market and you were a trooper

lunch with your papi (grandfather) at North Harbor Club

anytime you laugh or cry in your's freaking hilarious

bathing but only w/mommy or daddy
laying on your back on your fuzzy nursery rug
car rides for oh about the first half hour
the sound of the vacuum
when daddy carries you around the house like a choo-choo
your butt patted (thanks Kim for figuring this out for us)
being swaddled
a clean diaper
sleeping on mommy
rocking in your glider
laying in your boppy
staring at the ceiling
your paci
your head and cheeks rubbed

pooing or passing gas
sleeping in your bassinet
having your diaper changed *you are getting much better at the last 2 :)
car rides, typically on the way home
being ignored

Also you look just like your daddy and I love it!

side note: the '1' in the photos was purchased at Michael's and painted with 2 different shades, one glitter, one satin, of turquoise Martha Stewart all-purpose paint.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

William Everett Diaz-Llaneza

Our baby boy was born exactly two weeks before his due date on 12.18.2011.
I should start with his sweet birth story but to sit down and write it requires a bit of time. And time, my friends, is something I have very little of these days.
It's coming though and soon before I forget any of the little details.

Until then I want to write. I want to write to help me remember all the sweet moments that are happening on a daily basis.

Like today my Willie and I took our third bath together. Yes, together. His plastic hand-me-down tub doesn't stay warm and he hated it.
The next day I read somewhere about a mom bathing with her babe and after some research, to make sure this was safe, we ended up in the tub together.
I placed a towel on the bottom of the tub, filled it with water just high enough so that I can hold his sweet head above while his bottom dangles beneath. He loves it! I love it.
He hates when it's time to get out...back into the big cold world.
So today we stayed in the tub until all the water had drained. I just sat there holding you wrapped all snug up in your hooded bear towel. At one point I heard sucking motion and when I glanced down you were sucking on your little thumb. It was such a sweet moment.
One I vowed then and there to never forget.

I so adore this baby boy.

Friday, October 14, 2011

But some things stay the same....

I cried today. A lot.
At times heaving sobs. It was ridiculous really and I know that.
It still doesn't hurt having a husband that is constantly reminding me "we'll get through it." And he's right! I know this because we have before and we will continue to, together.
That really may be the most comforting feeling in the world.
It also doesn't hurt that he comes home with cupcakes and fudge to make me smile.
I love my Mr. P. So very, VERY much!

I almost must say that I have the best, THE VERY BEST, family. We would do anything for each other. It's always been that way and it will continue to be that way.
I don't know what I would do without them and I'm so happy I don't even have to think about that.

Happy weekend. xo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Well friends, I'm back! Again.
Please allow me to blame my very long absence on a misplaced camera.
I mean what is a blog without pictures? Lame! That's what it is.
But my camera was found in a purse I seldom use and now I'm back and happy about it.
Last time I was here I was keeping a secret from you and from the bump above you probably know what that is.

Yep, Mr. P and I are expecting our first baby, a boy, come January 1st, 2012.

Aside from this exciting news I'm still just Emie....still overusing exclamations and the word 'truly', still infatuated with my 4 legged son and my Mr. P, still love baking and cooking (although I've been doing it a lot less) and still obsessed with tv (for at least the next 2 months).
I won't overwhelm you with too much goodness today, but I will ask that you join me back here soon. And often.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

photos à la phone.

Last week I spent 6 continuous days working on baby cakes.
This week:
Monday-Ikea shopping adventure
Tuesday-Celebration dinner
Wednesday-Take dinner to friends and adorable new born baby
Thursday-Prepare house for Birthday/Game Day Bash on Saturday
Friday-Pressure Wash House, cook, bake, shop

I've not been sleeping well lately, no thanks last night to a yucky storm, but I'm making it through each day in anticipation for our 2nd Annual Game Day (details to come).
I apologize for being so m.i.a lately.

Sister was lucky enough to spend Mother's day with our mama san and she took my camera.
I've yet to get it back from her and this blog and myself feels lost without it.
I hated to leave you hanging though so please enjoy some photos courtesy of a program entitled picplz on my droid incredible.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

busy bee.

This lovely bride and husband to be are getting married this coming Saturday.

My dear friend Missy referred Allison, the bride to be, to Emie Jane's Baby Cakes.
Funny enough Allison and I realized I used to manage her back in the day, like way back in the day, at Abercrombie & Fitch (I couldn't bare to insert a hyperlink there so look it up if you must). It truly is a small world isn't it?

I'm certain this wedding will be amazing and I'm thrilled Emie Jane's Baby Cakes will make an apperance as the guest favors.
I'll be working on these beauties all week long. So far I've finished the vanilla and red velvet batches, with peanut butter and oreo still to go.
Saturday, before dropping them off at the Mint Museum, I'll be wrapping each little baby cake in it's own mini martini glass.
Needless to say they will be darling.

If you don't hear from me again this week now you know why.